“Wave Break Production'

offer a professional service with

fantastic results! With their

approachable sound engineer, who listens to your comments, our band would highly recommend 'Wave Break Studio' to anyone out there wishing to immortalise their music. Big thanks!”

-Blues 2 Rock-

“Very professional and quick, can't remember achieving so much in such a short time before, cheers! Thanks Paul,

we'll definitely be back!”

-Hurricane Alley-

“Fantastic people- well managed and very economical with time so we got everything done we set out to do! Would definitely recommend them.”

-Rachael Monaghan-

(String Trio)

“Thank you for an excellent experience”

-Holly (12 Yrs)-

“A big thank you to Paul at ‘Wave Break Production’,

we had a great day recording and hopefully see you soon!”

-The Loungers-

"What a great sounding band (The Landed) - tight as anything, wonderful playing & crisp clean production"

-Tom Robinson-

(BBC Radio)

"Paul is exceptionally

good at his job. I went to him as

I wanted to create a CD for a fundraiser

for the Academy I work at. He was very professional, which helping me to relax at the same time. His ability with perfection for his work is second to none. If you want anything done concerning music Paul is definitely the right man."

  1. -- Mandy - Hamford Primary -

'We couldn't have 
asked for a more professional 
production. Paul did an amazing job, constantly updating us with the progress on our EP, and was unbelievably precise with all the little details that we wanted. He has made our EP sound exactly how we wanted it. Incredible work Paul!'