Wave Break Studio specialise in the recording and post production of all audio.
Getting the best out of your recording, making it match the quality and volume of commercially produced music, and helping it stand out from the crowd.

We’ve had tracks played on    Radio 1,   BBC Essex    and many more,

and we’ve produced music recorded in Peter Gabriel’s prestigious

Real World Studios.

All are welcome here, and no project is too small, with sessions running from single hour vocal recordings, guitar takes or overdubs to full day blocks.

Wave Break Studio is owned and run by music producer Paul Hepworth,

and is situated just a two minute walk from the beach at Walton-on-the-Naze,

offering a big sound at very competitive rates.

This Mac based studio features the latest in audio recording software, plugins and other applications designed to take your recording to the next level.

The studio is fully equipped to capture your sound and is perfectly suited to the small acoustic recording projects, vocal recording, overdubs or

full band mix projects and with prices to match.

We can also cater for larger projects, including recording of

full bands and other groups by use of another studio space.
Simply call for further information