While some come to us wanting simply to track (record) their instruments to take away and mix themselves, a major part of our expertise is the post production, processing and mixing of the recorded audio. This is the part which can take your tracks from being an average demo to being something which could make Radio 1 take notice!

This is often given the least time and attention when working on a budget, but it’s good to keep in mind a balance between the time spent recording, and the time given to making the recording sound it’s best. This is where a track can be taken from sounding like a live 1 take recording, to being a great sounding studio recording comparable with other commercial tracks.


Logic Pro X

Waves Plugins


Addictive Drums/

Addictive Key


Using the very latest software we are able to transform your recordings into crisp, well produced tracks, ready for iTunes, CD sales or just your own private listening.

It’s up to you how far we go and how long we spend with the processing, editing, mixing and mastering of your recording, as some projects don’t require the same attention to details, but here are some elements to consider:

While some people may be able to perform without fault, this is very rare and most of us need a few tweaks to sound our best. Editing allows us to correct the timing and tuning of most things that have been played or sung, and we use the very best pitch correction software which can transform your performance.

Once each instrument is sounding the way it should, it’s then time to balance each instrument against the others. If each part has been played well and the processing is doing its job, then a basic mix will come together quickly. More perfected mixes with subtle control changes throughout may take longer, but thats for you to decide.

This is the final stage in making your tracks sound like they belong together and sound great played on you car stereo or on the Radio! This is were we add the required mastering plugins which control the final levels, eq, and other elements so that your music stands up against that of other commercial products.

To ensure your track sounds smooth and can be correctly dealt with after recording, it’s important to add some signal processing. This will include things like compression, eq’s, and whole host of other processing tools to make each instrument stand out and sit into the overall mix.