We are able to accommodate all kinds of recording needs and have a wealth of experience with a multitude of styles and requirements. These have included Rock/Pop/Country/Blues bands, Vocalists, Solo instruments, Acoustic artists, Pipe bands, Choirs, Opera vocals with oboe,

Classical piano, Hip Hop, Rap, Educational performing arts groups and many more.

You turn up..... then I hit record?

It’s not quite that simple when you want to get the best results,

but we can certainly run short and quick sessions.

While we are happy to do the bare minimum to keep cost and time down,

we still need to set up the mics and sound check you before we steam ahead with recording.

We are also able to offer a number of post production elements which can take your recording from demo to pro level. By using Logic’s outstanding editing capabilities, Waves, SoundToys and XLN audio plugins, plus Melodyne tuning software, we are able to correct mistakes, or even add parts in which you forgot to play!

Not only can we accommodate recording almost any acoustic instrument, we can also provide accurate sampled (real) drums, and other acoustic band parts for your tracks. We also

have a whole host of other sampled instruments, including piano, strings, synths, horns, etc to fill the gaps you want to fill in your recordings, plus an enormous range of sound effects and samples.